High Resolution Aerial Imagery

Clever Surveyors use Drones!


When it comes to surveying a busy intersection, responsible surveyors think of accuracy, completeness and safety. The first two considerations, important as they are, are often the easy ones. Safety of your crews however, the primary concern, is always a challenge in conventional surveying. Apart from having to make time consuming and annoying arrangements for disruptive traffic management, Total Station and GNSS methods require that crews operate in dangerous places for extended periods of time.


Drone Launch Location

With a survey drone and appropriate geo-spatial expertise, you can get the job done without exposure of crews to dangerous motor traffic!  Survey ground control points in places that are out of harm’s way, acquire aerial imagery and do the rest in the safety and comfort of your office! Reduce your field presence by as much as 95% and yet come home with a complete field book.

Photoscan Professional, the leading Structure from Motion suite, is the tool to build point cloud, surface model and ortho-photo from the aerial images. We use Global Mapper to analyze terrain, vectorize features of interest and format and package the geo-spatial deliverables.

Agisoft Photoscan Pro

Feature Extraction on Ortho

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