A few of our specialties...

Urban 3D Models

Drone2GIS captures vertical and oblique aerial images to make high resolution accurate 3D models of urban environments.

GIS & Visualization

Drone2GIS pushes the envelope in modernized mapping techniques and mapping standards to facilitate seamless data migration to GIS and virtual surveying methods.

 Cadastral & Geodetic Surveys

Drone2GIS has deep roots in geodetic surveying and pioneers the application of modern technology to support security of land tenure and efficient property registration.

Appraisals & Asset Inventories

Drone2Gis can detect and inspect anything that is visible from the air, geo-reference it and accommodate it in a GIS.


For ad-hoc stock pile and tailings volumes, rapid accident documentation, slope monitoring or routine aerial auditing of open pits and construction sites, Drone2GIS delivers at short notice.


Drone2GIS prepares terrain models for field and irrigation design, performs life stock counts, conducts multispectral monitoring of soil conditions and plant health, estimates damages due to erosion, frost and species invasion and provides data for harvest predictions.

Industrial Inspections

Drone2GIS operates equipment to carry multispectral, thermal and visible light sensors for the inspection of critical infrastructure such as bridges, power- gas- and oil pipe lines, cell phone towers, wind and solar power generators, cooling towers, stacks, dam walls and high rise building facades.

Construction & Earthworks

Drone2GIS can provide high resolution virtual models of construction sites for site supervision, progress monitoring, contract management and visualizations for off-site site meetings and stake holder presentations.


Drone2Gis offers cost cutting methods for comprehensive environmental monitoring and reporting for projects such as land fill management, surface mining, urban development, agricultural effluent control, oil spill recoveries and beach reclamation.